Azmar fueling co. is the sole jet fuel provider in Sulaimaniyah International Airport, it provides all aircraft types by its qualified staff and according to IFQP standards.

  • Agreement C

    Commercial department is responsible for communications with IATA (IGHC – ISAGO – IATA ATC).
    In coordination with AITA to renew certificates of IGHC – ISAGO – IATA ATC. 

  • Agreement B

    B. GSA – General sales agreements have been  signed with the following carriers: 
    – Atlas Global Airlines
    – Fly Germania Airlines
    – Iraqi Airways

  • Agreement A

    The commercial department is responsible to arrange the different agreements which to be check and the following approved by our company’s legal department. 
    1. Standard IGHA – IATA Ground Handling Agreement – 2013
    2. Check and sign GSA agreement
    3. Joint venture agreements
    4. Appoint sub-agents agreements
    5. Provide Jet-A-1 Fuel agreements
    6. CIP agreements 
    7. Provide catering agreements
    8. Insurance agreements, with Allianz Insurance Co.