Aircraft Servicing and Ramp Handling

Aircraft Servicing and Ramp Handling

  • Cooling/Heating

    Our GSE is available to handle aircraft in the different seasons to support heating truck in winter and cooling trucks in the summer.

  • Air Starter Unit

    The equipment available all the time to run aircraft’s engines upon request by crew or carrier’s representative. 

  • Pushback and Towing Aircraft

    Pushback and towing trucks are available for all aircraft types operated by qualified and certified operators. 

  • Airside Safety

    Before an aircraft safely departs our qualified staff will finalize all mandatory functions to passengers, fuel, cargo and load control. They are also in charge of correctly administering baggage, overseeing cargo and passenger weights, and finalizing all dispatch documentations. First our aim to maintain safety in airside during support handling to aircraft when it is on ground. Qualified ground engineers start the mandatory walk around check after engines shutdown, our ramp staff supervising the performance for loading/off-loading, passengers dis-embarking/embarking and GSE moving.